Chinese “Survivor” was filmed in Bulgaria, in the Rhodope village Momchilovtsi

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The first edition of the Chinese version of the reality show “Survivor” was filmed in Bulgaria, and the team consisting of 51 people, had the opportunity to enjoy the charm of the Rhodope village Momchilovci, reported Chinese site E CNC, citing a report by Xinhua news agency.                                                                                             Filming of the Chinese version of the show began on August 29 and lasted two weeks.                                                                                             The show will be broadcast on Chinese television in the second half of September. Maria Nikova, the mayor of Momchilovci, told Xinhua that the idea for filming to be held only in this village is a part of the advertising campaign of Bulgarian yoghurt, launched both Momchilovci so and the Shanghai company for dairy products.                                           Hu Jiang, a representative of the company explained that Momchilovci was chosen for filming because of its unique dish – the yoghurt. Since 2012 have been produced dairy products under the brand “Momchilovci” and every year here come over 500 Chinese tourists who visit the shops,  restaurants and attend folklore programs and the museum of the village there is a special place dedicated to the friendship between China and the Bulgarian village.