Bulgaria will attract more Chinese tourists

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Ministry of Tourism works to attract more Chinese tourists in Bulgaria, said in Ruse Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova.

She pointed out that last year Chinese tourists who have visited Bulgaria are only 16 thousands people.

“Against the background of 1.3 billion. Chinese and 85 million of them traveling outside the country, it is extremely small,” said Angelkova, quoted by BTA.

She explained that currently operates two joint tourist products to attract Chinese tourists – on the one hand with Romania, on the other – with Turkey and Greece. Together with Romania is preparing the opening a general tourist office in China, it is expected to become operational by the end of this year.

At the end of next month at the invitation of Angelkova in Bulgaria will arrive the head of the national Chinese State Tourism Agency, which is the rank minister.

Angelkova announced that it is developing tourist scientific observatories. |The project is implemented jointly with the World Tourism Organization and Romania and will be placed in Ruse. In scientific observatory will make developments, mostly related to statistics.

“This is one of our weak areas, since currently no data is collected solely for the purposes of tourism. So that we can properly plan the development in this area,” said Angelkova.

Ministry of Tourism works on creation of a fund to support tourism infrastructure. In terms of tourist attractions will be created online platform that will be uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Tourism.