Stars’ confirmation they’re dating goes viral online

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Stars' confirmation they're dating goes viral online

Rumors proved true as actors reveal they are an item, a Shanghai hotpot restaurant is overwhelmed with customers seeking a promised free meal and a Beijing auto “show” sports vintage cars made from balloons.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and actor Li Chen. [Photo/IC]

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s revelation takes the Internet by storm

A long-rumored relationship between well-known Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and actor Li Chen eventually proved to be true as Li on Friday posted a photo with Fan on his Sina Weibo captioned ‘We’. The couple announced their relationship to the public and received congratulations from their friends and Internet users. Among them was Li’s ex-girlfriend, Chinese actress Zhang Xinyu, who showed up at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in a couture gown made with tacky floral print fabric.

Li’s announcement ignited the whole Internet and users began emulating the couple, posting their photo with the caption ‘We’. The UN’s official Sina Weibo also posted a photo of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his wife, with the caption ‘We’.

The news went viral online and on the Weibo and was read by 420 million Internet users.