Denmark Supports Bulgaria to Join Schengen


Denmark supports Bulgaria to join Schengen, Inger Støjberg, the Minister of Immigration and Integration of Denmark said on 30th of January during her visit to Bulgaria, reports BNT.

She visited Capitan Andreevo checkpoint and observed the security of the border with Turkey.

The Bulgarian border is essential for the whole of Europe because it is on the frontline and has to cope with the whole migratory flow from Asia.

The Bulgarian Interior Minister introduced his Danish counterpart to the measures Bulgaria is taking to protect the EU’s external border.

Mladen Marinov, Minister of the Interior of Bulgaria: Our goal is to show our EU partners that we are serious about the task Bulgaria has as the EU’s first border to reliably guard the border. We want them to personally see what we are doing and make sure we are a reliable partner of the EU.
After becoming familiar with all the technical equipment and facilities that protect the Bulgarian-Turkish border, the Danish Minister gave a positive assessment of the efficiency of the Bulgarian state’s work:

Inger Støjberg, Minister of Immigration and Integration of the Kingdom of Denmark: My impression is that the work is going very well. Things are done in a very professional way. This equipment is doing a really good job. I also have the impression that there is very good cooperation with other countries and with Frontex.
Minister Mladenov was firm that the level of migratory pressure on Bulgarian borders is currently low. This is due to good communication with the Turkey and Greece.

He said the fence is fully operational and video surveillance works at one hundred percent, and the third module is currently being built. In 2018, 12,500 foreign citizens attempted to enter illegally on the territory of Bulgaria.

Pressure in the second half of the year has grown, with the biggest being on the border with Greece. Over 800 have been detained on both borders.

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