China tourists

China Tourism Academy and Ctrip have launched the 2018 Chinese outbound travel report.

Here’s a snapshot of the key points:

● Chinese made 150 million outbound trips in 2018, representing a 14.7% growth over 2017

● Among these, Chinese only made 71.25 million overseas trips (excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau). This shows that the overseas travel market has good potential.

● The average spend per person for outbound trips is 5500RMB (about US$800), according to Ctrip package tour data

● The top departure cities were Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Kunming, Wuhan, Xi’an, Hangzhou

● The top 20 destination countries were Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Cambodia, Russia, Philippine, Australia, Italy, UAE, Turkey, UK, Maldives, France, Germany, Spain, Sri Lanka

● Dark horse destination countries include Myanmar (257% increase over 2017), Montenegro (239%), Serbia(218%), Laos(207%), Argentina(166%), Spain(165%), Cambodia(155%), Mexico(148%), Brazil(129%), Czech Republic(101%)

● Top destination cities were Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Nagasaki, Siem Reap, KL, Moscow, Chiang Mai

● Traveller profile:
1. 52% Female; 48% Male
2. Born in 1980s (29%), 1990s (18%), 1970s (17%), 2000s (13%), 1960s (12%), 1950s (11%)
3. Proportion of groups and FITs is 1:1 (groups : FIT)

● 150% growth in travel outbound requests in 2018

● More are upgrading their choice of packages. In 2018, 82% Ctrip customers chose 4/5 diamond package tour products when traveling abroad, 2% higher than last year.

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