Bulgaria to end travel ban

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Travel Ban to Bulgaria is over

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Bulgaria said Friday it plans to lift an obligatory 14-day quarantine from June 1 for travellers from most EU countries, except for those with the biggest Covid-19 outbreaks.

Health officials said the quarantine will remain obligatory for travellers from Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, and the United Kingdom. A ban on the entry of visitors from outside the EU remains in place.

“We plan to lift the obligatory quarantine for Bulgarians returning from abroad and for travellers from the European Union countries and Serbia and North Macedonia. We will keep it for the eight EU countries that have the biggest registered cases in the past two weeks”, the country’s chief health inspector Angel Kunchev said.

The announcement comes as the country is attempting to restart the economy and boost tourism amid the coronavirus crisis. Last week, the government removed the ban on the entry of citizens from other EU countries, but imposed a quarantine.

Source: New Europe