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About us

Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCCI) is an independent, non-governmental organization to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of its members, contributing to the development of international economic cooperation between Bulgarian and Chinese companies.

BCCCI objectives:

  • To promote and support the development of trade and economic relations between Bulgaria and China;
  • To promote and assist in establishing business contacts between Bulgarian and Chinese companies;
  • To represent, support, promote and protect the economic interests of its members and to promote their internationalization.
  • Тo stimulate export.
  • Тo stimulate economic ties in the import. To promote import to be made through Bulgaria as a priority and gateway for European Union. To substitute present gates of the European Union and promote Bulgaria instead. To promote Bulgaria as a gateway  for Chinese investments into the EU and this way to stimulate Bulgarian economy.
  • Encouraging and assisting Bulgarian companies to enter the Chinese market.
  • Encouraging Chinese companies to enter European markets through Bulgaria by using our resource as a logistics and software hub.
  • To promote and attract foreign investment, in particular Chinese investment, for the region. The support is focused on facilitating SME’s access to loans and / or leases for investment in assets and / or working capital to strengthen their growth and development.
  • To encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the Chinese market by developing a network of offices and showroom offices of BCCCI in all provinces and the SAR in China.
  • To familiarize local authorities in Bulgaria and China with the position of their members.
  • To encourage and support the launching of new businesses both in Bulgaria and China
  • To encourage and support the exchange of students and professors to help the business and interests of its members.
  • To promote and support cultural exchange, thus promoting Bulgaria on the Chinese market and presenting our Chinese partners to the European Community.
  • To assist companies in their work with other local employers’ organizations and encourage them to create new jobs.

The BCCCI work is based on the principles of voluntary membership, mutual cooperation, equality between the members and transparency and good governance.

BCCCI seeks to establish fair and ethical relationships among businesses, between Chinese and Bulgarian companies.