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Sharp plunge in China’s exports in February

If the sharp plunge in China's exports in February shows anything, it's that a gap is opening between what the country is shipping out and its still resilient imports of major commodities.

Exports dropped 16.6 percent in February from the lst year, the largest decline in three years and...

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Bulgaria, while being a relatively small country in Eastern Europe, has quite a number of beer brands.

Not only Bulgaria - Cech republic are missing on the couwntdown  in China customs report The modern history of beer in Bulgaria (Bulgarian: пиво, pivo or бира, bira) dates back to the 19th century, when it was introduced to the country by foreigners (from Austria-Hungary, France and Switzerland) shortly before the Liberation of Bulgaria. Until then, beer was practically unknown in...
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Eco car Tesla has problems in China

Tesla solved the import problem after Customs reportedly accused Tesla of omitting Chinese labeling on components. According to a company spokesperson “error resulted from misprinted labels on certain Model 3 vehicles. We have already reached a resolution with Chinese customs, and we are working closely with them to resume clearance procedures on these vehicles." Mislabelling or omitting/forgetting all of a label or...
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Immigration and terrorism most important issues in emerging Europe

According to the latest Eurobarometer Survey published by the European Commission, immigration and terrorism are the two most important issues in the eleven EU member states of the emerging Europe region. The survey, conducted in November 2018, reveals that Estonian, Czech, Slovenian and Hungarian citizens are the most concerned about immigration (68 per cent, 58 per cent, 58 per cent and...
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Bulgarian Wines: Where to Taste the Region’s Finest one

As you see by picture Bulgaria is 21 st larges importer of wines in China. Wine and Gourme tourism is very popular in Bulgaria. Bulgarian wine production is a long way from being in its best shape when it comes to volume, but the country’s centuries-long tradition of viniculture is slowly reviving. With more and more small-scale wineries opening up across the...
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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Arrives in Bulgaria on March 4th

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will be on an official visit to Bulgaria on March 4-5 at the invitation of his Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borisov, the government information service announced on Monday. The visit will begin a day after Bulgaria's National Holiday - March 3rd. The visit also takes place against the backdrop of the revelations of secret Russian agents in Bulgaria,...
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Bulgarian government to increase funding contribution to Fulbright Commission

The Bulgarian Cabinet has approved increasing the country’s funding for the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission, the government information service said on February 27.

Following the beginning of educational exchange between the US and Bulgaria in 1967, the Bulgarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange (the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission) was officially inaugurated on February 9 1993 under a 10-year agreement between the two...

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Int’l tourist fair opens in Bulgaria

SOFIA, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The 36th edition of the Holiday & SPA Expo kicked off here on Thursday, bringing together over 380 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions. Greece, Turkey, Serbia, North Macedonia, Cuba, Romania, Vietnam, Iran and India are among the participants of the international tourist fair, along with more than 40 Bulgarian municipalities. In addition to the abundance of...
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