“Bulgaria Air” will fly to China and Belarus

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Government has defined “Bulgaria Air” JSC as air carrier that will operate the routes between Bulgaria and China from Bulgarian side, as well as between Bulgaria and Belarus. The carrier must commence operation within 6 months from the effective date of his appointment, announced by the Government Information Service.                                         Bulgaria Air “gets right to provide transport services on scheduled air services Sofia – Almaty – Beijing – Sofia, Varna – Minsk – Varna and Burgas – Minsk – Burgas after winning a competition.                                          Lines are agreed with agreements respectively between the governments of Bulgaria and China and Bulgaria and Belarus.                            The appointment of the Bulgarian air carrier on the aviation markets  Bulgaria-China and Bulgaria- Belarus will contribute to increasing passenger to and from Bulgaria, specified by the government.                                                                                                 This in turn creates conditions for the strengthening of commercial-economic relations and trade with the two countries, to attract new revenue from tourism, but also to increase revenues from the carriage of passengers and cargo and a reduction in air fares on routes to China and Belarus in real competition.