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New fresh gaffe Minister Bojidar Loukarsky declare that he has spoken with the CEO of Turkish Airlines for Bulgaria and explain to reporter from Darik radio:

“Turkish Airlines is a serious and transport all passengers at a slightly higher price category and offer quality service. And he (SEO) told me I can compare it traffic since 3-4 months to now. Now more people travel to Bulgaria in Business Class. (Here the Minister grinning) all this showed the increasing interest of businessmens to Bulgaria – this is quite simple but revealing. “

Again Minister Bojidar Loukarskyi shows extreme incompetence.

1. The price category is not much higher compared to other carriers for example Lufthansa even aeroflot and AF or KLM.

2. The quality is disgusting especially if you have transfer (95% of all cases). Istanbul Airport is extremely large and aircraft to Bulgaria are located 40 minutes walk from one gate to another only. All this is making  all the passengers extremly nervous and we could not talk about any quality.

3. The plane to Bulgaria is not usually on a gate in the terminal and is located just before city of  Sofia right site… you need to take a bus (it is absolutely not clear why you need to fly after such a long bus ride with that bus). All Cases in the winter and in the summer is extremely uncomfortable. For all these above mentioned facts, I travel at least once per week I’m avoiding them as stung.

4. The biggest crap I had heard is that many more people travel to Bulgaria in business class. First, they can not only travel only to Bulgaria they need to fly back and so the statement is false (obviously much more passengers likely to flee from Bulgaria in such a minister).

5. Mr. Bojidar Loukarsky Turkish Airlines fly with Airbus A319 in 90% of cases (airplane on the pictured above) or sometimes with Airbus A320. In this plane first class  consequently are 4 or 6 seats. And assuming a two traveled first class or even no one has traveled in first class before you appeared on the scene of the Ministry of Economy – it seens in your appearance panic doubled passengers first-class and now from one or two seats they dramaticaly increase to two or even 4 seats. Mr. Bojidar Loukarsky you are pathetic and incompetent – shame for Bulgarian business, which unfortunately pays you to make fun of his neck.

For reference, you can call the Cenk Yohji Director for Bulgaria of Turkish Airlines 029474006 he could explained to you next time in details what he know!!!

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