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Bojidar Loukarsky asked by journalist of Darik Radio

Which country do you expect to be the largest foreign investor in Bulgaria?

Minister Bojidar Loukarsky answers “Germany”.(By statistic is Netherlands, but Minister does not belive to the Gvernment statistic)

– “A great investment as specific plant for cars is it possible to expect?”

Minister Bozidar Lukarski respond firmly and steadfastly “No” and continued “Let’s dispel creatures lately belief that Bulgaria is the strongest destination about the automotive industry, but let’s not  mention “whole car”. Our capacity as labor is connected with the fact that we can produce components for cars ” This is very strange anounce, because he personaly reject an investment of Chinese businessman who was ready to invest in Fire and Rescue service vehicles up to 20 million.

One-time Todor Jivkov -Bai Tosho said “This year – a factory for semiconductors. Next year – for fullconductors” (at the opening of the factory for semiconductors in Botevgrad), but his follower Bojidar Loukarsky will produce apparently semivehicles and  we  hope to start full operating vehicles in several years…..

On investment of BHTTS that Mr. Bojidar Loukarsky mention which was scheduled in early 2013 and implementation in 2014 there obviousli is a problem, something is not ok- we are now 2015 and we are not “homo aplodismentus” we are “homo sapens” – We are confused if you find us as other monkeys in the zoo. Come on we’re rinse –  you do not see that we are not stupid?!?! Promises are promises but it is not like repeat it many times and you will believe it.

We see in the time you are on the weel of the Ministry S&P reduce our credit rating to Junck, but you succeed to  sweep through the National Assembly the law to pay back 2 million Eur to the German State in violation of all Bulgarian laws and you expect someone to respect you and to make investments…..

People whoalready have made real investments in Bulgaria you are kidding with them and you violate and trample the law. You are real shame for Bulgaria and we  suggest you we will buy for you a semivehicle – We personally will park to the Ministry and engine – the neice donkey is using bio fuel only.