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See below the China Economic Update from World Bank. This is the document China Economic Update from World Bank.

The World Bank Economic Update provides an update on recent economic and social developments and policies in China and
presents findings from ongoing World Bank work on China. The Update was led by Elitza Mileva (Senior Economist) under the
guidance of John Litwack (Lead Economist) and with contributions from Luan Zhao (Economist) on recent economic
developments and outlook, John Litwack on budget reform, Mark Dorfman (Senior Social Protection Economist), Philip O’Keefe
(Practice Manager, Social Protection and Labor Global Practice), and Dewen Wang (Senior Social Protection Economist) on
pension system update. The team would like to thank Huitian Bai and Yunxia Chao for excellent research assistance. Helpful
comments are gratefully acknowledged from Bert Hofman, Deepak Mishra, Sudhir Shetty, and Ekaterine Vashakmadze. The team
would also like to thank Tianshu Chen, Li Li, Xiaoting Li, Lin Yang, and Ying Yu for support in the production and dissemination of
this report. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of the
Executive Directors of the World Bank or governments they represent. Questions and feedback can be addressed to Li Li

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