The Cosmetics Market in China

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The cosmetics market in China

In this document The cosmetics market in China you could read the details about how to access the market:

China is the second largest consumer market for cosmetics in the world. Sales of skin products reached EUR 20.44 billion in 2015. International brands have remained in the major dominate market position in the country. Whitening products, innovative products and the rise of using e-commerce platforms in China are some of the key drivers in the market.

This webinar introduces the latest cosmetics market trends in China, key retail channels, including both off and online sales, as well as their entry models. It highlights the opportunities and challenges for our friends from  EU SMEs to better comprehend what the best business chances are.

Classifications of cosmetics under the inspection of the China Food and Drug Administration will be described to inform specific requirements of licenses for diverse types of cosmetics. Most importantly, it will be given a specific attention to Chinese domestic policies and regulations of the cosmetics market, including pre-market approval and registration process.


1. Cosmetics Market Overview

2. Retail Channels and Entry Models

3. Main Opportunities and Challenges

4. Relevant Regulations

5. Suggestions

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