Guangdong Foreign Student Surprises the Police With a Letter

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I love China

On February 7th in Foshan, Guangdong province, a foreign student rode a motorbike to the police station and handed the police a letter. He told them “I love China” using the Chinese language and left. When the Police opened the letter they found 500 RMB and a note that was written in Chinese and English, the English part says:

“I can’t write good Chinese but hope to understand little of it. This is my little support to China in war against coronavirus. I love CHINA.”

The Chinese part started with “We are together” ❤️

Translation by Loise:

“I’m a foreign student, I come from Africa. Here foreign students don’t have a salary, because it is not allowed to find jobs, otherwise, I could have given more. But with the little I have, I hope it can help to save many lives. This is my support for China in the fight against the Novel Coronavirus.”