Modern agriculture can not be developed without modern technology

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Modern agriculture can not be developed without modern technology

Modern agriculture without modern technology it is not possible to develop. This was what the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Prof. Dr. Hristo Bozukov said. Today we have the official opening of the Specialized Agricultural Exhibition BATA AGRO, held at the airport of Stara Zagora. He highlighted that the replacement of outdated equipment and the need to move to modern methods of production. This are the way ahead for the Bulgarian farmer, who has ambitions to develop and reach new markets.

             The Minister of Agriculture added that activities under measure 4.1 “Investments in agricultural holdings”.

This programme of the Rural Development 2014-2020 are aimed at farmers who want to modernize their production. “Support under this measure includes financial assistance of at least 50% of the amount of costs one may apply for. Otherwise, this makes the measure so attractive for much-needed investments, including agricultural machinery, he explained.
“Out of the approved projects under this measure, 943 include investments in agricultural machinery. The amount of the approved costs for these projects is estimated to BGN 650,027,753.  From this amount the approved subsidy amounts is BGN 380,055,366,” the minister added.

              Minister Hristo Bozukov explained. For the period 2015-2020  6,505 new wheeled tractors and 942 new combine harvesters were registered .

According to him, it is necessary to gradually and smoothly make machinery renewal. The way is  with new more contemporary, reliable and better energy machines. They would lead to more modern, safer and more productive agriculture in Bulgaria.
“Bulgaria is a country with potential in the field of agriculture. We have to work together to develop the best traditions of our agriculture. Our goal is useful and successful practices so that the work of farmers can become a profitable business.” Concluded the Minister of Agriculture.

              He greeted the organizers of the exhibition for their efforts. Ask them to present the best in the field of agricultural machinery.

The Specialized Agricultural Exhibition BATA AGRO will last until June 5. This year, 183 companies with an area of nearly 40,000 square meters are participating. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry presents an information stand. On the booth where on-site will give explanations to any farmer who wants to apply for a project under RDP.

Bulgarian Association of Traders of Agromachinery is BATA AGRO.

This  is a professional organization that brings together companies, authorized by the manufacturer to import and distributе. They import or produce self-propelled and attached agrotechnics in the territory of Bulgaria.
BATA AGRO was established in 2005. Today unifies companies, that carry 85% of imports of Agromachinery in Bulgaria.
Goal of the members is creation of modern conditions for the development, in our country. They understand importation and sale of agrarian equipment.  BATA AGRO care about other activities and factors involved in its use under optimal ecological effect.
Companies are involved in creation of the conditions necessary to observe the principles of loyal competence between importers of agrarian equipment to Bulgaria and their distributors in the country;