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Bulgaria cleans up its beaches by renovating its water treatment facilities

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Water treatment facilities

Water treatment facilities are important in Varna which is Bulgaria’s third largest city. This city is the heart of summer tourism in the country. The municipality is littered with resorts. That is why water management is so critical there. Old water treatment facilities and inadequate regulations once made it impossible to cope with number of tourists in the area. However, reconstruction is now underway. Tourist in the beaches will enjoy clear water.

                One of the latest examples of this reconstruction is the Golden Sands waste water treatment plant.

Water treatment facilities was built in 1983 and has now been renovated. Its design is innovative. It is enclosed in concrete so nearby hotels and holidaymakers won’t be disturbed by the treatment.

Ivanka Borissova works for the Golden Sands water treatment facilities and water treatment plant. She tells us. “The plant was modernised and its capacity increased in 2020”. The plant now has a much larger capacity, it’s big enough for a population of over 72 000. Before its renovation it only had a capacity for a population of around 14 000.

               Other regulations were also factored into renovations.

Water discharge is now at a distance of 2200 meters from the shoreline. The old national standard was only 700 meters away.

For yet another year Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach Black Sea resort is at the top of the British Fasting rankings. This countdown for the best-value place to relax in Europe. The ranking is based on the prices of eight popular products and attractions. They count value during a vacation relative to the rate of the pound

Moreover, the vacation cost in the Bulgarian resort has dropped by as much as 11.2% compared to last year.  This is the biggest drop in the ranking of Post Office Travel Money for affordable vacation